Baby Reindeer star Nava Mau responds to "real" element of her character

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Baby Reindeer spoilers follow.

Baby Reindeer star Nava Mau has opened up about the "real" element of her character Teri.

The limited Netflix series, based on creator Richard Gadd's real-life stalking experience, centres on Donny Dunn (played by Gadd) and his challenging relationship with 'Martha' (Jessica Gunning), an older woman who becomes his stalker after they meet in a pub.

The hit show also follows Donny's romance with a trans woman named Teri, who, like Donny and Martha, is based on someone who Gadd knew in real life.

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"When I read [the script], I could tell that Richard really loved her, whoever inspired this character," Mau explained during a Q&A screening with Digital Spy and other press.

"I think I knew that it was based on real life and it seemed really important to show people that trans women exist in real life and in relationships with real people. I could see Richard's heart in the writing and I hope that people will see it too."

On whether the fact that Teri was based on a real woman impacted her approach to the character, she continued: "Of course. I felt a great sense of responsibility, and I cared a lot about telling the story in the best way possible."

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Mau also said the role of Teri interested her because it was written by "someone who had actually known and loved a trans woman and wasn't writing from a place of imagination".

Gadd previously confirmed that the character of Teri was inspired by someone "who was the voice of reason in my life at that point as well – not that I listened to her as much as I should have".

Baby Reindeer's final scene mirrors Donny's initial encounter with Martha, as Donny is poured a drink by a sympathetic barman when he realises his wallet has gone missing.

Discussing the ambiguous ending while speaking to RadioTimes, Gadd said: "I quite like the ambiguity of the ending, I sort of don't want to put a meaning on it. I think it can be interpreted in a lot of different ways.

"I know what it is in my head – that ending's my favourite thing in the whole series, the way it ends."

Baby Reindeer is available on Netflix.

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