Baby left in unattended car for 40 minutes

Police will allege a 13-month-old boy was left in an unattended car for 40 minutes. Picture: NCA NewsWire/Gaye Gerard

A man will face court after allegedly leaving a baby in a car on the NSW Central Coast for 40 minutes on Sunday.

Emergency services were called to the Toukley Aquatic Centre carpark at Heador St, Toukley, after a 13-month-old boy was found unattended and strapped in a child seat of an unlocked Peugot 4WD.

Police will allege the child was left unattended for 40 minutes while the child’s father was inside the Toukley Acquatic Centre.

Police will allege the 13-month-old was left in an unattended car for 40 minutes. Picture: NCA Newswire/Gaye Gerard

Officers from Tuggerah Lakes Police District arrived on the scene and saw the front passenger window of the car was left slightly ajar, with all doors closed and the engine turned off.

There was no airconditioning as temperatures hit 28C.

The boy was red and sweating but was otherwise not injured as NSW Ambulance paramedics assessed the boy at the scene.

The 40-year-old father returned to the vehicle 15 minutes later after being contacted by police.

The man has been issued with a future court attendance notice for the offence of leave a child unsupervised in a motor vehicle causing emotional distress.

He is expected to appear at Wyong Local Court on April 24.

Family and Community Services were notified of the incident as NSW Police remind members of the public that it’s unsafe to leave a child unattended in a vehicle in any circumstances.