Autistic boy allegedly bashed by Sudanese gang in bus attack

An autistic teen was allegedly bashed by a Sudanese gang on a bus in Melbourne’s west.

It’s alleged the group tried to steal his sneakers and phone and then chased his mother when she came to help.

The alleged victim was highly vulnerable at the time of the attack.

It’s claimed the gang picked their moment to attack the boy, as they stood up to leave the bus.

Sadly, it’s not the first time the autistic teen has been targeted.

He told 7 News he “gets bullied all the time”.

The gang allegedly began making threats not long after they got on the bus from Williams Landing to Tarneit Station.

It’s claimed the boy was ordered to hand over his sneakers and mobile phone, but resisted.

He said he recognized one of the attackers from his old school.

He told 7 News he was frozen with fear after the attack. He had spotted his older brother and his fiancé in a car beside the bus but was unable to get their attention to help him.

When the boy’s mother picked him up at Tarneit Station she was advised by a triple-0 operator to drive to the local McDonalds.

The terror allegedly continued when they were spotted by the gang there and chased out of the car park.

The boy’s mum took a photo as they fled the scene in fear.

One teen has since been charged with assault and attempted robbery over the vicious alleged attack.

The alleged victim was left concussed and his already fragile self-confidence has been shattered.

"I'm scared to leave my front door. I'm scared to walk the streets and I just, I want that freedom,” he told 7 News.