Australia's first 24/7 no-staff butcher explained

Albury farmer Jacob Wolki is the face behind the revolutionary concept. Source: TikTok/@wolkifarm

Video transcript

JACOB WOLKI: Hey, everyone. My name is Jacob Wolki. I'm a farmer in New South Wales, Australia. And this is my 24/7 self-service butchery. Let me show you how it works.

So customers get their unique pin code once they sign up to be a member. I better not show you what the code is. And then once they enter their code, they gain access to the storefront. This is open 24/7, 365. And all this meat we grow on our regenerative farm 10 k's up the road.

So we've got pork, lamb, beef, chicken, wild harvest venison. And then we've got all your soup bones, marrow bones, chicken feet, pet mince, eggs, jerky. We make all of these with our own homegrown vegetables and fruit. And we offer some supplements-- honey, all different stuff.

When you're in, you use an app on your smartphone called Express Checkout. So you scan the frozen produce and add it to your shopping cart.


When you grab all your produce and add it into your shopping cart through the app, you hit pay, use your debit or credit card, the money goes through Stripe. We pay about 1.7% in fees.

We've got a couple of high def video security cameras in here that also have audio. We've been running this model for two years now. We're doing around $3,000 revenue a week. And in two years, we've had zero theft and zero shrinkage.

And the way we achieve that is to qualify to be a member of our butchery here. You have to come and do a free farm tour and understand our values and our ethos and what we're trying to achieve. It lets people buy into our mission. Thanks for watching.