Australia's east coast faces 'wettest time' with 100mm rain expected

Parts of Australia’s east coast are in for some wet weather as summer draws to a close, with rainfall totals exceeding 100mm expected by week’s end.

Most of the showers will hit across the NSW-Queensland border with the heaviest rain beginning on Tuesday, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Weatherzone meteorologist Scott Morris told Yahoo News Australia the main cause of the showers was a “strong high pressure system” in the Tasman Sea and strong onshore winds.

“If those winds combine with a trough it might produce more rainfall,” he said.

“It’s not unusual for this time of year though. This is generally the wettest time.”

Two women watch stormy conditions at Byron Bay, NSW.
Two women enjoy a walk in Byron Bay during wet weather. Source: AAP

Tweed Heads could receive up to 130mm by next Saturday’s end with falls exceeding 25mm each day from Wednesday onwards.

It follows a Saturday where areas including Byron Bay were hit with about 59mm of rainfall.

Further north and Coolangatta on the Gold Coast is forecast to receive 140mm over the same time span. Wednesday could see the city dumped with 45mm.

Brisbane is also set to cop a drenching with up to 95mm leading into next weekend. Like areas south of the city, Wednesday is forecast to be the wettest day of the week with 30mm.

Other Aussie states face hot days

Sydneysiders will avoid the heavy rain almost entirely though with sporadic falls of up to 6mm at most throughout the week.

Similar conditions are expected in Newcastle and surrounding areas.

Darwin is also in for a drenching with thunderstorms forecast for the next week. Up to 20mm could fall on Monday with about 10-15mm falling each day up until Saturday.

While southern parts of the country won’t endure any wet conditions, Adelaide is in for a toasty week due to a low intensity heatwave starting on Tuesday through to the weekend.

Temperatures across the week are forecast to reach a high of about 35 degrees.

Melbourne is also in for a hot week, with Monday topping 27C and the rest of the week until Saturday, peaking in the low-30s.

In the west, Perth's days will also be warm, with the week starting off in the high-30s before easing off with temperatures in the mid to high-20s.

Tasmania will have milder conditions with Monday and Tuesday's maximums being 20C and 24C respectively before getting increasingly warmer as the week goes on, peaking at 32C on Friday.

Meanwhile in Canberra, temperatures will sit mostly in the mid-20s.

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