WATCH: Shocking moment car slams into truck in fierce outback dust storm

A man slammed into the back of a truck during an intense dust storm in outback Australia, leaving his car completely wrecked.

Ray Taylor, who has since shared the video online, was driving along a dirt road with his two dogs when a dust storm clouded his vision.

Video shows Mr Taylor driving along the road when dust blows up in his direction and when the road can be seen again, a truck is right in front of his car.

Mr Taylor was travelling along a dirt road. Source: Facebook
Mr Taylor didn't see the truck. Source: Facebook

Mr Taylor shared the video on Dashcam Owners Australia Facebook group saying "there are lessons to be learnt".

"If you are driving on dirt roads then turn on your lights and if you stop then let people know on channel 40 and turn your hazard lights," he wrote on Facebook.

"This will reduce the risk of someone misjudging a situation."

Mr Taylor said drivers should prepare to stop if they see dust coming your way.

Mr Taylor slammed into the truck. Source: Facebook
The car was completely wrecked. Source: Facebook

"It doesn't matter how many times the dust has cleared as you approach it, prepare to stop in case it doesn't clear this time," he said.

His four-wheel drive was completely wrecked after the collision.

The terrifying crash happened in northern Queensland on Friday.

It Mr Taylor's first crash in 42 years.