Is your vehicle on the recall list? Car makers with faulty airbags revealed

More than 2.3 million cars have been placed on a compulsory recall list over concerns of exploding airbags which have been linked to 23 deaths worldwide, including at least one in Australia.

The federal government on Wednesday took the unprecedented step of ordering the recall of cars fitted with the faulty Takata airbags.

Assistant minister to the Treasurer, Michael Sukkar, said Ford, GM Holden, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda had all been added to a compulsory list, with manufacturers given until April 3 to provide details of the models impacted to the ACCC.

They join BMW, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ferrari, GMC, Honda, Jeep, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Volvo and Hino Trucks, which were in 2017 subjected to a voluntary recall.

More than 230 injuries have been linked to the faulty airbags. Source: Getty
More than 230 injuries have been linked to the faulty airbags. Source: Getty

A total of four million vehicles in Australia have been affected by the faulty airbags. In 2017, 2.7 million vehicles were voluntarily recalled, and 1.7 million had their airbags replaced.

The 2.3 million vehicles announced in a compulsory recall on Wednesday include the outstanding one million cars that did not have their airbags voluntarily replaced.

"The compulsory recall will capture approximately 2.3 million vehicles that still have a defective airbag that needs replacement. This includes vehicles made by Ford, GM Holden, Mercedes Benz, Tesla, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda," Mr Sukkar said in a statement.

“There's no doubt that this is one of the largest and most significant recalls in the nation's history, with a total of four million cars affected by defective airbags. This equates to around two in seven cars on the road.

"All defective Takata airbags will need to be replaced by 31 December 2020.

“Priority will be given to airbags assessed as high risk, based on the following factors, aged, particularly where it's over six years of age, location of the vehicle, particularly in areas of high heat and humidity, and the location of the airbag within the vehicle.”

The Turnbull government has launched a compulsory recall of millions of cars to protect drivers from exploding Takata airbags. Source: Getty
The Turnbull government has launched a compulsory recall of millions of cars to protect drivers from exploding Takata airbags. Source: Getty

"There have been serious injuries and deaths from faulty Takata airbags," the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission warned.

"The inflator components may deteriorate and subsequently misdeploy in an incident causing metal fragments to propel out of the airbag."

Peter Khoury from National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA) told Sunrise the importance of replacing faulty airbags cannot be understated.

“This is massive, unprecedented and huge and highly warranted, this is a very serious global safety issue,” he said.


Below is the voluntary re-call list which was redistributed by the ACCC on Wednesday morning and will be added to as car makers identify the models impacted.


BMW 3 Series E46 ALPHA 12/2001 - 03/2003 2013/13576
BMW 3 Series E46 9/1999 - 8/2006 2013/13576
BMW 5 Series E39, 3 Series E46, X5 E53 2002-2005 2016/15581
BMW 5 series E39, 3 Series E46, X5 E53 2000-2004 2017/15881
BMW E70 X5, E71 X6 2007-2012 2017/16230
BMW E70 X5, E71 X6 2007-2012 2017/16298
BMW E70 X5 & E71 X6 2013 2018/16566


Chrysler 300(LE/LX) 2005-2012 2016/15516
Chrysler 300, 300C 2005-2010 2015/14742
Chrysler 300, 300C 2013 2018/16617


Dodge RAM 2004-2010 2016/15516


Ferrari 458, California, FF 2008-2011 2016/15430


Ford Mustang 2006-2014 2015/14924


Honda Accord, CR-V ALPHA 2001-2002 2009/10969
Honda Civic ALPHA 2001 2010/11785
Honda Accord ALPHA 2001-2002 2011/12633
Honda Civic, Accord, Accord Euro, CR-V, Jazz, MDX ALPHA 2001-2003 2013/13549
Honda Jazz ALPHA 2004 2014/14438
Honda Accord Euro, Civic Hybrid, CR-V, Civic, Jazz 2003-2004 2014/14498
Honda Accord Euro, CR-V, Civic, Jazz, City 2002-2009 2015/14703
Honda Jazz, CR-V 2005-2007 2015/14702
Honda MDX, Accord 2001-2007 2015/14737
Honda City, CR-V, Insight, Jazz, Jazz Hybrid 2006-2012 2015/14819
Honda City, CR-V, Insight, Jazz, Jazz Hybrid 2011-2014 2016/15197
Honda Civic, Legend, Jazz Hybrid 2006-2012 2016/15198
Honda Accord Euro, City, CR-V, Jazz, Insight 2007-2011 2016/15496
Honda Legend, Odyssey, Accord, MDX 2003-2011 2016/15495
Honda Civic, Accord 2006-2011 2016/15494
Honda Accord Euro, City, Jazz & Insight 2012 2017/15856
Honda Legend 2012 2017/15857
Honda Accord 2012 2017/15859
Honda Civic 2001 2017/15860
Honda Jazz, Jazz Hybrid, Insight and Accord Euro 2013 2018/16523


Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2012 2016/15516
Jeep Wrangler 2013 2018/16617


Lexus SC430 2000-2003 2013/13545
Lexus IS 250, IS 250C, 350, IS F 2005-2011 2016/15425
Lexus IS 250, IS 350, IS 250C, IS-F, LFA 2011-2012 2017/15846
Lexus IS250, IS250C, IS350 & IS-F 2013 2018/16536


Mazda2 (DE) 2010 2016/15522
Mazda2 2007-2015 2016/15521
Mazda RX-8 2008-2012 2016/15521
Mazda6, BT-50 2005-2011 2015/14761
Mazda6, RX-8 ALPHA 2002-2007 2015/14761
Mazda B2500 & B2600 2002-2011 2015/14760
Mazda6, CX-7 & CX-9 2006-2012 2017/16232


Mitsubishi GA & GB i-MiEV 2010-2011 2017/15990
Mitsubishi Lancer 2003-2008 2015/14936
Mitsubishi ML & MN Triton 2007-2014
Mitsubishi Pajero NS, NT, NW, NX 2007-2016 2016/15617
Mitsubishi Pajero NS & NT 2006-2009 2017/15991
Mitsubishi Pajero NT & NW 2010-2012 2017/16025
Mitsubishi Pajero NW & NX 2013-2017 2017/16465


Nissan N16 Pulsar, Y61 Patrol 2001 2010/11761
Nissan N16 Pulsar, Y61 Patrol 2001 2017/15940
Nissan N16 Pulsar, Y61 Patrol, D22 Navara, T30 X-Trail ALPHA 2000-2004 2013/13542
Nissan N16 Pulsar, D22 Navara, Y61 Patrol, T30 X-Trail, A33 maxima ALPHA 2001-2003 2014/14182
Nissan N16 Pulsar, D22 Navara, Y61 Patrol, T30 X-Trail, J31 maxima 2003 2015/14751
Nissan N16 Pulsar, D22 Navara, Y61 Patrol, T30 X-Trail, J31 maxima 2004-2007 2015/14752
Nissan D22 Navara, T30 X-Trail, J31 Maxima, Y61 Patrol 2007-2008 2015/14821
Nissan D22 Navara, Y61 Patrol 2009-2012 2016/15769
Nissan D40 Navara 2008-2014 2016/15228
Nissan D40 Navara 2006-2015 2017/16363
Nissan Tiida 2006-2012 2016/15383
Nissan C11 Tiida 2006-2012 2017/16363


Performax Silverado, Sierra, Mustang 2007-2008 2015/14789


Subaru Impreza 2004-2007 2015/14715
Subaru Tribeca, Liberty, Outback 2004-2013 2016/15507
Subaru Impreza, Forester 2008-2013 2016/15766
Subaru Exiga 2010-2014 2017/16012
Subaru Liberty & Outback 2010-2014 2017/16013


Toyota Corolla, Avensis Verso, Lexus SC430 ALPHA 2000-2004 2013/13544
Toyota Echo, Rav 4 ALPHA 2002-2003 2014/14456
Toyota Echo, Rav 4 2003-2005 2015/14700
Toyota Corolla, Avensis Verso, Yaris 2003-2007 2015/14701
Toyota Avensis Verso, Yaris 2007-2008 2015/14794
Toyota Corolla, Yaris, Avensis Verso 2006-2011 2016/15709
Toyota Corolla 2003-2005 2017/15950
Toyota Corolla, Yaris & Rukus 2010-2012 2017/16010
Toyota Echo, Rav 4 2002-2003 2017/16014


American Honda Motor GL1800 2016/15440
Honda GL1800 Goldwing 2012-2015 2017/15906
Honda GL1800 Goldwing 2012-2015 2017/16006

Manufacturers of GM Holden, Tesla, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda have until April 3 to provide details of the additional recalled vehicles to the ACCC.

A Tesla spokesperson told Yahoo7 News they are offering their full cooperation to ACCC.

"The previous mandatory recalls did not affect Tesla vehicles in Australia because none posed an elevated risk, and no formal change has been communicated at this time," the spokesperson said.

"As with the millions of other vehicles with Takata airbags, any recalls will occur following communication received by the ACCC and will be undertaken within the timeframe."

The minister’s office said as they are unable to identify which new models are affected, those concerned should contact their respective car dealers.

Yahoo7 News has contacted the manufacturers placed on the compulsory list for comment.