Australia Post urges customers to ‘stay alert’ amid fresh scam warning

The postage network has told customers to "immediately" delete the scam text messages.

Australia Post has issued an urgent warning to customers to "stay alert" to the threat of scammers preying on unknowing Aussies as a fresh wave of fraudulent text messages and emails land in inboxes across the country.

The urgent warning comes after a text message pretending to be from Australia Post was seen by Yahoo News Australia. The SMS, which posed as the postage network, requested personal information from customers regarding a sent package, something the company vows it would "never" do — and should be reported and deleted "immediately".

Australia Post letter boxes inset with a scam text message.
Australia Post fresh scam warning. Source: Getty/Supplied

Fraudulent text requests personal information

The most recent scam text message wave asks customers to hand over their sensitive personal information, including addresses.

"The package you sent has arrived at our warehouse and cannot be sent because of incorrect address information, please fill in the exact information again, and we will send it within 24 hours," the text read. It included a link, and a request to reply to the text message.

Australia Post will 'never' request personal information via text

Australia Post told Yahoo News Australia that the postage service "will never contact anyone via SMS or email asking for personal or financial information or payments."

"We’re seeing a greater public awareness of cybersecurity but encourage customers to stay alert for signs of a scam, including a non-Australia Post web address, or an unusual sense of urgency or emails asking you to click on a link," the spokesperson said.

They added that the AusPost app is the most reliable and secure way to receive delivery updates because "it uses push notifications that can’t be replicated by scammers".

Australia Post urges customers who spot something suspicious to alert the business by reporting it to and "delete it immediately".

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