Australia’s magpie danger zones revealed

Sandford Street in St Lucia is under attack from aggressive magpie, Sunday, September 24, 2023 – Picture: Richard Walker

Victoria has been named as the Aussie state with the most magpie attacks over the year, as new data reveals the danger zones where you’re most likely to be swooped.

As swooping season comes to a close, data from Magpie Alert tells us all we need to know about this year’s attack stats.

In total this year there were 3047 registered attacks across the country, down on the previous year’s 3361, with injuries caused from attacks down to 395 from 465.

The state where the most attacks took place was Victoria with 798, followed by NSW with 719.

Canberra deserves a shout out for totalling 640 swooping attacks in an area so small.

If you don’t like leaving the house in fear of getting attacked by a magpie, then Tasmania is the place for you, with only four registered swoops this year.

Cycling was the most attacked activity. Picture: Liam Kidston

Cycling was by far the riskiest activity to partake with 69.6 per cent of all registered attacks coming while riding, while just going for a stroll was also dangerous recording 20 per cent of attacks.

The data also shows the places with the most vicious magpies, resulting in the most injuries, so here were the ten most dangerous streets to go for a wander this season.

Queensland – Stevens St, Southport:

Stevens St in Southport was a risky place to get out and about. Three injuries were reported from the attacks.

Victoria – Royal Parade, Parkville, Melbourne:

Some angry birds here with three injuries from nine reported swoops. At least the hospitals are in the vicinity.

Victoria – Darebin Creek Trail, Bundoora, Melbourne:

A cyclist was reportedly knocked off their bike by the “vicious magpie patrolling the area”. Four injuries were reported in the area.

Pedestrian bridge opening
The Darebin Creek trail. Picture: George Salpigtidis

Victoria – Jacka Boulevard, St Kilda, Melbourne:

Eyes were the target of choice for this magpie and it managed to injure four people this season.

Moonee Ponds Creek trail
Moonee Ponds Creek trail

ACT – Charles Place, Gordon:

This magpie apparently had an affinity for kids on bikes. The bird recorded four injuries and seven total attacks.

ACT – Dixon Drive, Holder:

This magpie reportedly attacked ears Four injuries were recorded from eight attacks.

NSW – Old Windsor Road, Winston Hills, Sydney:

Nineteen total attacks occurred in this area, resulting in four injuries. Again, this magpie targeted the ears.

Sandford Street in St Lucia is under attack from aggressive magpie, pictured here mid-flight. Picture: Richard Walker

Queensland – Sandford Street, St Lucia, Brisbane:

This magpie has even forced the council to put up warning signs. This year it attacked ten people and injured five.

Queensland – Royal Esplanade, Manly, Brisbane:

The magpie here knocked a woman off her bike who needed medical assistance. She was one of six reported injuries caused by the bird this year.

Victoria – Mooney Ponds Creek Trail, Moonee Ponds, Melbourne:

The angriest bird in the country this season was in a league of its own, injuring a crazy 19 people.