Aussies warned after 'invisible' detail in photo of woman's doorstep

A Queensland homeowner got the shock of her life after noticing an unwanted guest on her front balcony.

A Queensland homeowner got the shock of her life after noticing an unwanted guest that made itself at home on her balcony last week.

Nestled between a pair of workboots at the front door of her Townsville property was a seemingly tiny, slithering reptile that could easily be missed — and it's a "good lesson in why you don’t leave your shoes outside," many have warned.

Hoping to ID the snake, her brother took to Facebook to ask if it was dangerous, however, it was hidden so well that many believed "there is no snake in the photo". But if you look closely between the top of the boot and the leaf by the door frame you will see a black-tube-like object, which many first confused with a "compressor hose".

Common tree snake hiding next to work boots on front balcony.
A Queensland family discovered a small snake hiding by a work boot on their front balcony. Source: Facebook

Snake at Queensland home identified

It is most certainly a snake though, James Bindoff a local snake catcher confirmed to Yahoo News Australia. "Looks to be a common tree snake," he said which is black with a distinctive yellow underside. Although not visible in the photo, the homeowner said on Facebook her daughter spotted the yellow belly before it curled up alongside the shoe.

"They can often be seen as they scope out the houses [looking for frogs]," James revealed adding they usually like to hide where they can — but thankfully they're non-venomous.

Snake sighting a 'good reminder' for Aussies

The family spotted the harmless snake when returning home after "it fell from the top of the sliding glass door frame when I opened the door," the woman revealed.

Black and yellow common tree snake
The snake was identified as a common tree snake. Source: Brisbane Snake Catchers

"I'm glad it didn't fall on my daughter who was the one who saw it the best when she turned to close the door. I have no idea how long it was but it was slightly narrower than a broom handle I think".

The woman's brother who posted the photo on social media said it was "totally amazing" it stuck around even after people returned home. But said "it's a good reminder for people of how invisible the little buggars can be and to be watchful when grabbing shoes, boots and stuff".

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