Aussies shocked by 'deplorable' stunt spotted above Melbourne CBD

In a second separate incident, a young man was pictured doing a push-up off the side of another high-rise.

An Aussie office worker got the shock of their life on Wednesday when they glanced out a window and spotted two people “just casually skateboarding” on the roof of a 40-storey building.

Fear-inducing footage shows what appears to be a young man practising tricks on top of the Scape Swanston building in Melbourne’s CBD as a friend stands nearby, possibly filming the dangerous stunt.

The unwitting viewer who caught the incident said online it gave them “sweaty palms just watching” the duo as the skateboard neared the edge of the building repeatedly — and it turns out they weren’t the only one.

Two people skateboarding on the roof of the Scape Swanston in Melbourne’s CBD on Wednesday.
Office workers were stunned on Wednesday when they looked out the window and saw people skateboarding on top of the Scape Swanston building in Melbourne’s CBD. Source: Reddit/@lil-bow-piep

“Saw this too, I’m in the same building as you! Whole office was watching them,” another worker exclaimed on the Reddit post.

A third person in the building said they had also witnessed the spectacle and a colleague had notified police.

“I can usually overlook a certain amount of risky behaviour, but kick-flips on top of a building with no safety rails is well and truly crossing the line. What if the skateboard flew over the edge? Or they dropped a phone off the edge?” they said.

A self-confessed employee of Scape Swanston later revealed it is common for people to “use tailgating to get into to the building” before gaining access “to our common area balcony and climb their way up to the actual rooftop”.

“The area they’re skating on is only meant for window washing technicians to hook to the anchor points and rappel down. Nobody is ever supposed to be there without clearance and a safety harness attached,” they explained.

Group dangles from 50-storey Melbourne building

Shockingly, the skateboard session wasn’t the only high-rise display captured on camera on Wednesday.

At around 1pm, a resident living in a building across from Y Suites student housing accomodation on A’Beckett Street in Melbourne saw six young people also carting skateboards sitting on the top of the 50-storey building.

The group of six people on top of the Y Suites student housing accomodation on A’Beckett Street, Melbourne with one doing a push-up over the side.
In a second separate incident, a young man was pictured doing a push-up off the side of the Y Suites student housing accomodation on A’Beckett Street. Source: Reddit/@Umae_

“What in the world?” they posted on Reddit alongside a photo of some members of the group dangling their legs off the side as one man hangs off the edge to do a push-up. “Can’t deal with the aftermath trauma if one of them ever felt down.”

In an update on Thursday morning, the resident said they had reported the incident to police, who told them “to call if it happens again”. “I am going to follow it up with the building manager later in the morning when they are open. Just hoping they can do something about it,” They added.

Victoria Police told Yahoo News Australia the offences could possibly be considered trespassing.

A group sitting atop the Y Suites building in Melbourne. Source: Reddit
Police are looking into the potential trespassing incident in Melbourne. Source: Reddit

Aussies horrified by 'scumbag behaviour'

Both incidents have provoked outrage from stunned Aussies, some of which said they “felt sick” just looking at the footage.

“This is just plain scumbag behaviour,” one person said. “As a lifelong skateboarder this is f**king deplorable. Social media is ruining people wanting attention,” another commented referencing the tragic influencer trend that has led to the deaths of several people.

Others said they feared for anyone walking below the building who could also be injured if someone or something were to fall from the roof.

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