Aussie's desperate plea from jail cell after drunken rampage

The Noosa carpenter has apologised for his alleged actions in a conservative province of Indonesia as he awaits his fate.

A young Queensland tourist facing years in jail for allegedly going on a "naked and drunken" rampage in Indonesia has been recorded desperately apologising in a video.

Dressed in prison clothes, Bodhi Risby-Jones, 23, who was originally on a surfing holiday, can be seen bowing and putting his hands together in prayer while apologising to a local man for allegedly assaulting him while he was passing by on a motorcycle. The man reportedly needed 50 stitches.

"To the victim's family and the victim, I am extremely sorry," the Noosa carpenter said in the video, after being led from his 3m-by-3m prison cell. "My actions I can't even fathom".

A photo of Queensland man Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones, 23, apologising from jail for his alleged drunken rampage in Aceh, Indonesia. A photo of local fisherman Edi Ron who needed 50 after the Queensland man allegedly assaulted him.
Queensland man Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones, 23, has apologised from jail for his alleged drunken rampage in Aceh, Indonesia. Source: 9 News

"I really want to make it right, and fix the issue. I am sorry," he said to the camera.

Mr Risby-Jones had reportedly been drinking from a vodka bottle in the conservative Indonesian province of Aceh, before he stripped in his room at the Moon Beach Resort sometime after midnight.

Local police allege Mr Risby-Jones left his room still naked and assaulted a security officer who attempted to stop him.

Police also allege the young Aussie struck a passing motorcyclist and threw the motorcycle on the man as he fell into the gutter, who suffered a leg injury that needed stitches.

The young Queensland man was detained last Thursday and faces a maximum five years in prison if he is convicted of maltreatment resulting in serious physical injury. As the consumption and sale of alcohol is banned in Aceh, he could also face charges under Islamic law.

It is believed a meeting between the accused, the alleged victim and community leaders could be arranged and lead to some sort of resolution, Nine News reports.

Local police investigations are still ongoing.

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