Aussies call out 'lazy' café after mum's 'ridiculous' $15 takeaway meal

The frustrated mum was made to 'assemble' the meal herself while wrangling a toddler.

A frustrated mum has sworn off a popular Sydney café after ordering takeaway avocado toast which she claims she was made to "assemble" herself while wrangling a toddler.

The customer was shocked to unbox her $15 meal from Harry's in Bondi and be greeted with two slices of plain toast, with two avocado quarters still with its skin tucked away alongside it.

Often, the avocado has already been smeared on top of the bread, but if not, it's always served without the skin. So the Bondi woman was stunned to see the makings of a popular meal boxed up in her hand — without it being ready for her to eat.

"Am I out of touch or is this normal these days to be served avo on the side (still in it's skin) rather than smeared on the toast?" she questioned on Facebook on Friday. "It cost $15 and honestly, for that price, I would have been better off going to the supermarket and buying a loaf of bread and an avo and putting it together myself".

Avocado toast takeaway from Harry's Bondi.
The Sydney woman was not happy after receiving this meal for $15. Source: Facebook

Staff 'unapologetic' after complaint

The woman explained she attempted to scoop out the avocado with her fingers and onto the toast — seemingly without success. She said she "didn't think to look inside the box" at first as she was not expecting it, but said she did go back to "complain".

"The woman I spoke to was distinctly unapologetic and stated 'that's how we always do it'," she claimed. The frustrated mum said she "won't be going back" — especially during a cost of living crisis when money is tight for many.

Others were shocked by the meal the mum had received with one claiming, "that's just lazy". "You could have purchased at least 2 loaves of bread and 2 avocados for that. Beyond ridiculous," another said and many agreed. Yahoo news Australia contacted Harry's Café for comment.

People sitting and eating outside at Harry's cafe Bondi.
The woman ordered from the popular Harry's cafe in Bondi, Sydney. Source: Google

Takeaway food prices have risen 9.1 per cent

Aussies have become fed-up with soaring food prices including additional surcharges added by many establishments. ANZ Senior Economist Adelaide Timbrell confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that the "price of restaurant meals rose 6.5 per cent year-on-year to the June quarter while the price of takeaway food rose 9.1 per cent over that time".

A loaf of sourdough bread from Woolworths can be purchased for roughly $6.50, with similar pricing at Coles. While avocados are available for about $1.30 each. So the cafe's price is significantly higher.

Previously, a customer slammed a Melbourne cafe for charging $19 for vegemite and avocado toast. While others were in disbelief over the cost of a coffee and bagel.

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