Aussie woman's surprise discovery after birds flock to backyard: 'So strange'

The woman had no idea why all the birds descended onto her property, but was shocked to find out why.

The birds flocked onto the backyard fence with different species coming together to seemingly warn the resident of something at her home.
The birds flocked to the backyard after spotting a snake on the property's gutter this week. Source: TikTok

A woman was alerted to potential danger this week by a flock of birds who descended onto her backyard fence, with the unusual sight prompting her to investigate what was going on in her home.

Birds of different species gathered on Holly Connors' fence and the Brisbane mum of two was so stunned by all the squawking she figured they must be coming together to warn her of something. She decided to look around her home and found a snake hiding on top of the property's gutter, completely surrounded by the birds in her backyard.

"We have a snake!" she is heard saying in a video posted online. "Oh darling, where are you going?".

The common tree snake was seemingly seeking refuge away from the flock.

The common green snake up close on the gutter (left) with a bird sitting on the backyard fence close by (right).
The common tree snake was hiding on the gutter of the resident's home, surrounded by all the birds. Source: TikTok

Resident 'chased away' birds from backyard

After Connors managed to pinpoint why all the commotion was taking place and was confident there was no risk posed by it — with common tree snakes being non-venomous — she decided to chase away all the birds, uncertain what would have happened if she had left the snake alone with them.

"We chased away the birds and they didn't come back," she said. "It’s pretty strange to see multiple bird breeds hanging out like that."

She wanted to help keep the snake "safe" before it moved on, which it eventually did once the birds had flown off. She said she appreciated the heads up from the birds, especially since she frequently spots venomous eastern brown snakes in her yard, but was relieved the snake managed to continue unharmed.

"At least now we know there's a nature alarm system in case a not so friendly snake visits," she said.

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