Aussie woman's remarkable 35km journey after being reported missing

A group of people were travelling on Christmas Eve when they became stranded in remote Queensland.

A group of people were feared missing after the car they were travelling in broke down on Saturday, leaving them stranded in a remote part of Queensland for two days.

Desperate for help, one woman walked 35 kilometres through flooded dirt roads, before she and the rest of the group were eventually rescued.

They are believed to have been travelling from Mount Isa, north west of the state, across the border to the Lake Nash cattle station in the Northern Territory on Christmas Eve when their vehicle became bogged. They were reported missing after they didn't arrive at their destination when expected, according to RACQ LifeFlight Rescue who eventually came to their aid.

The car bogged in the outback and the missing group being rescued.
A woman reported missing walked 35kms to get help after being stranded for two days. Source: RACQ LifeFlight

Woman travelled 35kms on foot

With nothing but dirt roads and rough terrain surrounding the group, one woman set off on foot to seek help. She travelled along the waterlogged dirt road before being cut off by floodwaters which stopped her from going further.

It wasn't until Boxing day — two days later — that they were rescued after Queensland police sent a helicopter to scour the area after they were reported missing.

"The crew searched along a road, before locating the first of the five people, who had set out to Lake Nash to get help," RACQ LifeFlight Rescue said.

Car bogged on dirt road in Queensland.
The group were reported missing while travelling from Mount Isa in northwest Queensland across the NT border to Lake Nash. Source: RACQ LifeFlight

After finding the woman, the crew brought her on board the helicopter. She was able to direct them to where the car had broken down.

The pilot spotted the rest of the group about five minutes later after they too decided to walk towards Lake Nash for help. They were found alongside another abandoned vehicle, which was also surrounded by floodwater.

The pilot was able to quickly land the helicopter on the road to collect them and all five people were transported to safety in Lake Nash.

Severe weather warming for northern Australia

Parts of northern Queensland and the Northern Territory have experienced showers and thunderstorms in recent days. A severe weather warning remains in place for the Northern Territory across parts of the Barkly — where Lake Nash is situated — and Simpson districts.

The slowly moving ex-tropical cyclone Ellie is bringing rainfalls totalling up to 300mm for some areas east of Tennant Creek, raising concerns of flash flooding. Kalkarindji on the Buntine Highway copped 60 millimetres of rain in 30 minutes up to 1.32am on Tuesday.

"Although the system is forecast to temporarily weaken today, heavy rainfall and thunderstorm activity is expected to continue," a BoM statement said.

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