Aussie woman warns about $800 bikini fine for tourists

An Australian traveller has warned tourists heading to Europe for the summer about a fine they might not be aware of.

As Aussies head off on European summer holidays, one Melburnian has kindly warned of an unexpected mistake costing travellers hundreds of dollars.

Marti, who seemingly used to live in Italy, has advised people to be "extra careful this Euro Summer" with what they wear in public so they don't potentially cop a fine that's up to 500 euros (A$810) in tourist hotspots such as Sorrento.

"I don't know what it is about Italians but they do not want tourists going around in their bikinis around little towns near beaches," she said in her viral TikTok over the weekend.

A photo of a woman living in Melbourne who has warned travellers to be aware of a modesty rule when visiting Italy. A photo the woman posted of someone in a bikini.
A woman living in Melbourne has warned travellers to be aware of a modesty rule when visiting Italy. Source: TikTok

"The chances are that if you're wearing something like that, and you're going around Puglia or Sicily for example, the police can easily fine you 500 euros.

"If you're planning to go to the beach, just bring an extra T-shirt with you, so you can cover-up and the old Italian ladies and men will be happy.... You've got to love a catholic country."

She also highlighted that this could apply to men too when it comes to walking around town shirtless.

A bikini and face mask hanging on a washing line in Italy.
The modesty rule is observed in Italian cities as well as in other European countries. Source: Getty

Why not dressing 'modestly' can cost you

The warning comes a year after the mayor of Sorrento in Italy, one of Europe’s top summer destinations, introduced a new law banning bikinis in the street to stop what he describes as “widespread indecorous behaviour” in the coastal town.

Mayor Massimo Coppola claimed exposed midriffs and torsos are upsetting locals and damaging the reputation of the picturesque town overlooking the Bay of Naples, The Times UK reported last year.

Sorrento Municipal Police Officers now patrol the streets to make sure holidaymakers are covered up. Lipari in Sicily is reported to have a similar rule in place while people sightseeing in swimwear in Venice have also been fined.

Opinion divided on reason for fine

Travellers have shared their own experiences in the comments section of the video, which has had almost a million views. "Can confirm this happened to me [in Croatia]," one person said. Some people — including a few Aussies — were shocked by "how conservative" Italy is about clothing, not realising the rule was legitimate.

However others weren't surprised, and actually agreed with why it was being policed. "In Europe we call it culture and respect," one person said.

Marti also mentioned travellers should abide by dress codes when entering "anything religiously historical," like churches, which the majority of people thought was understandable.

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