Aussie slams 'ridiculous' detail during $500 NYE boat party

Sydney Harbour's fireworks are some of the best in the world – if you can see them that is.

In what people have described as a "rip-off", a man has shared his $500 Sydney Harbour New Year Eve's fireworks disappointment.

Local video creator Luke Erwin claimed that another cruise ship had completely obstructed his view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge when the midnight fireworks went off, showing the painful "reality" of splurging on NYE and how it won't always live up to people's expectations.

"This was my view of the harbour bridge at 12am," he said in the TikTok video. "Yes a boat decided to park right in front of our boat and block our view for the whole 10 min of the fireworks show."

A photo of Sydney video creator, Luke Erwin on a boat with an obstructed view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge during the 12am fireworks. A photo of the 12am fireworks from the boat, where another boat is seen to hide the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
A Sydney man has claimed a $500 ticket for a boat on NYE got him an obstructed view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge during the 12am fireworks. Source: TikTok

"Not to mention the tickets of this boat were $500. Wow."

He said he and his mates managed to partially see the harbour bridge during the light show, however it was only "when the fireworks start to come to an end". "This was so hard to deal with," he fumed.

"Then the boat moved and we realised we were 3km away from the harbour bridge anyway and could see f*** all."

Social media user react to NYE fail

The video was viewed more than 533,000 times, with people sharing the man's frustration.

"What a rip-off," one person said.

"What a waste of money for something that is free to look up at or (watch) on TV," another said.

Others also questioned how a boat was allowed to block off another boat's harbour views.

"That is ridiculous that the other boat could do that," one person said.

"That boat in front was the $1000 boat," another joked.

Some also praised the man for exposing what an expensive boat ticket on NYE will get you.

"You saved a lot of people from being ripped off (future years) with this coverage. Thank you for sharing," one person said.

"Me thinking this year I will go on a cruise to see it... after this advertising, I'll better get a room in the city," said another.

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