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Aussie shopper shares little-known savings hack: ‘You need to know this’

An Aussie TikTok account has shared a little-known shopping hack.

Savings hack
An Aussie TikTok account has shared a little-known JB Hi-Fi savings hack. (Source: Getty, @littlebirdie_toldme/TikTok)

Have you ever purchased something only for it to go on sale days later? It’s an annoying problem to have, but there may be a solution.

Little Birdie, a shopping deals website, shared how savvy shoppers can save at stores like JB Hi-Fi using their ‘price-matching’ policies.

“You need to know this! Have you purchased from JB Hi-Fi in the last two weeks,” they shared on TikTok.

They then shared a mock interaction between a JB Hi-Fi employer and a customer who had purchased a TV, which had since dropped in price.

“I bought a TV two days ago and now it’s on sale and it’s $200 off. So can I get a refund of the difference?

“Sure can,” the employee responded. “Because we have a two-week price guarantee.”

Aussies in the comments noted JB Hi-Fi wasn’t the only store to refund the difference for items that had dropped in price.

Which stores offer price guarantees?

Major retailers like Harvey Norman, Supercheap Auto and Costco also offer price guarantees.

Under Harvey Norman’s price guarantee, customers who find an identical product for cheaper within seven days of purchase can get the difference refunded. This applies to competitor products.

Supercheap Auto offers the deal for club members. If the product goes on sale within 14 days of the date of the original purchase, the difference will be automatically credited to the member’s account.

Meanwhile, Costco issues credits for online purchases that drop in price and offers up to 30 days for the change in price.

If you have a credit card, check whether it offers price-protection insurance or a guaranteed-pricing scheme. This will generally refund you the difference if something you buy with your credit card goes on sale later.

And if you’re looking for savings at the time of purchase, stores like Officeworks, Chemist Warehouse, Bunnings and Harvey Norman will price match competitors’ advertised prices when you check out.

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