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Aussie shares heartbreaking detail about cleaning hoarder's home

Despite being desensitised to hoarder cleans, the young business owner was almost brought to tears.

A young business owner has shared the one thing that's affected her the most when cleaning a hoarder's home.

Charlotte Bosanquet, founder of Care Cleaning Services Sydney, started working at a home earlier this month where rubbish and possessions had been piling up for "many, many years". Despite being quite desensitised to hoarder cleans, the 20-year-old explained that seeing a pet dog in this situation, with little space to move around in the backyard, is what "almost brought her to years".

A photo the outside of the home founder of Care Cleaning Services Sydney, Charlotte Bosanquet, was cleaning. A photo of the dog in the yard while the team was cleaning the outside area.
Founder of Care Cleaning Services Sydney, Charlotte Bosanquet, has shared the thing that impacts her the most when doing hoarder home cleans. Source: TikTok (TikTok/carecleaningservicessyd)

"With a lot of the homes that we clean — hoarder homes in particular — there are animals there. So I think that potentially impacted me the most because they [the animals] don't have a voice or a choice about being there, and that makes me quite sad," she told Yahoo News Australia.

Kelpie sees grass in backyard for the first time in years

However, after Charlotte and the team she partnered with spent four hours cleaning the backyard, by the end of it she said she was "feeling hopeful" about the kelpie that was on the property.

"[The kelpie] was quiet reserved and didn't have much energy when we first met it," she said. "And then by the end of the day, it had honestly completely changed, it was happily bouncing along in the grass and wagging its tail. Just a complete change in character.

"The neighbours have dogs so it could finally see them underneath the fence... you could just see the impact [the clean made] on the dog and how much happier it was, which was really cool."

Hoarding 'almost always linked to mental health issues'

She also commended the owner for taking a "huge step in the right direction" and asking for the clean in the first place.

"The main reason I share on social media is to create awareness around these cleans. A lot of people put it down to laziness, but it's almost always linked to mental health issues," Charlotte said. "It's also great to see people's supportive comments on the videos. It's super encouraging for other people to reach out."

Charlotte will continue to clean the inside of the woman's home in August and is looking forward to making more progress then.

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