Aussie pilot rocked by 'horrible' turbulence on holiday

The traveller explained why passengers had no need to worry despite being some of the 'worst' he's experienced.

An Aussie pilot on his honeymoon filmed the frightening moment a plane to Barcelona experienced "horrible" turbulence and had passengers screaming and gripping their seats in fear.

The traumatic experience saw couple and The Bachelor stars, Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston, cop the worst of it at the back of the Airbus aircraft. Despite calling it "some of the worst turbulence" he's felt, Jimmy, who is also a commercial pilot, remained calm and explained why there was "nothing to worry about".

A photo of people holding on to their seats on the flight to Barcelona during turbulence. A photo of The Bachelor star Holly Kingston not having a good time on the flight.
Bachelor star and pilot Jimmy Nicholson video a very turbulent flight he and his wife Holly Kingston experienced on their way to Barcelona. Source: TikTok

Turbulence 'completely fine,' says pilot

"The plane isn't going to fall out of the sky," he said in his now viral TikTok on Sunday, which has garnered almost two million views. "[There] could be widespread storms, so they just have to pick their path of least resistance and go through it.

"Planes are built to withstand way worse conditions. Not fun, evidently, but completely fine."

He also referenced a "water bottle trick," where he flipped a water bottle upside down, to show that the water wasn't "moving much," meaning it would've felt worse for passengers than the reality of the situation.

"Look outside [the] window," he recommended to those who are anxious flyers, and in a previous video he has advised those who feel sick when flying to sit near the front where the impact of turbulence is less.

Assuring plane theory for nervous flyers

Once the turbulence dissipated, everyone clapped with relief. "This one deserves a clap," Jimmy said in the video.

Many expressed how the shocking turbulence would've had them "crying hysterically" in their seat, saying Jimmy's calm demeanour would make him the best person to sit next to.

Others also referred to a jello analogy popularised on TikTok by the likes of Aussie influencer Anna Paul. The theory essentially explains that just like an item stuck in a cup of jello — representing the air — a plane cannot plummet downwards from turbulence. It can move around, but the intense air pressure will keep the plane suspended in the sky.

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