Aussie photographer's party photos go viral thanks to one haircut

A photographer’s Facebook photo album has gone viral all because of a haircut.

When Sydney business student Jeremy Nool, 21, snapped a photo of a teen named Ziggy at a recent party, he didn’t expect anyone to pay much attention to it.

But since uploading it last Tuesday (July 14) the photos of Ziggy, 16, and the rest of the party have gone viral.

Why? Because of Ziggy’s unusual choice of haircut.

Since it was shared the photos have gained more than 11,000 comments – majority of which are memes of Ziggy.

And while some are incredibly cruel, the teen has remarkably copped it all on the chin.

One of the meme's created after the photo of Ziggy was shared. Photo: Facebook
One of the meme's created after the photo of Ziggy was shared. Photo: Facebook

“I’m not sure why it got the attention it did,” Mr Nool told Yahoo7.

“I didn’t think it would go viral. When I put the photo up of Ziggy there were only about 5 likes in the first half hour… I thought maybe it wasn’t the right photo to use,” he said.

“But an hour later there was around three hundred likes and over five hundred comments. I was shocked.”

The photos were taken at an 18th birthday party. The hosts contacted Nool through Facebook.

“Surprisingly it was actually a really good party,” Mr Nool said.

Mr Nool said Ziggy, who was best friends with the party hosts, didn’t seem to mind becoming a meme.

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

“He loved it, he was actually defending himself. He’s got a big ego for a kid his age and he didn’t mind what people were saying,” he said.

“He’s a strong bloke”.

Mr Nool said Ziggy had had the haircut that was causing such a fuss for years.

“A few of his mates have the same haircut as well. I don’t think he will get rid of it”.

Mr Nool said he’d been careful to moderate comments that were hateful or racist.

As for the girl dancing with Ziggy, Mr Nool didn’t know who she was.

“A lot of people were saying the girl in the photo was beautiful and should have higher standards,” he said.

“I think she knows about it. I’ve been in touch with both of the birthday boys’. Within an hour most of the people form the party had seen it”.

Despite criticism, Mr Nool said he snapped what he saw.

“It’s my job,” he said.

He was paid close to $300 for the photos.

The photos have also led to more work for him however he said he wasn’t overly ambitious when it came to photography.

“My real ambition is to finish uni, travel, enjoy life and get into the corporate world,” he said

Check out Jeremy’s photos at JNoodles Photography on Facebook.