Aussie mum's 'revolting' find inside Prime energy drink bought at Woolworths

The mum was thankful her son spotted the problem before taking a sip.

The sale of Prime energy drinks has not been without its controversy, and a mother's recent 'revolting' find in one bottle has only added fuel to the flames.

Michelle, who lives in the Central Coast of NSW, decided to surprise her son with four different flavours of the much-anticipated Prime Hydration drink, given how much he wanted them.

"The shelf was full of it and it never usually is — my son always checks," she recalled on NBN News.

A photo of mould at the bottom of a Prime Hydration drink purchased at Woolworths Tuggerah.
A mother in the South Coast of NSW is warning parents to be aware of mould in the popular Prime drinks after making a ‘revolting’ discovery. Source: NBN News

After buying them at Woolworths Tuggerah on Tuesday morning, she recorded the moment she surprised him when he got home from school – however the happiness was short-lived.

They soon discovered a chunk of mould at the bottom of one of the bottles, despite the expiry date being February 2024.

"He's opened it up and it was just full of mould on the inside," Michelle said. "I'm so grateful he didn't drink any of it because it's revolting."

Mum warns parents not to buy Prime for their children

After the incident the mum took to Facebook to "Boycott PRIME", urging parents to "not buy this crap for [their] kids".

The situation doesn't seem to be isolated either, with others taking to TikTok and other social media outlets to complain of mould found in their own Prime drinks.

Woolworths to investigate further

While Woolworths believe the incident to be "isolated" at the retail giant, a spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia they are investigating further.

"This doesn’t meet our usual standards of quality and we’re disappointed to see this customer’s experience," they said in a statement. "We’ve passed it on to our supply partner to look into it further."

Woolworths have also asked Michelle to contact the customer service team, so they can provide a refund.

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