Aussie jihadists captured in Lebanon: reports

Three Australian Islamic State jihadists have reportedly been captured at gunpoint in Lebanon.

The Australian-Lebanese dual nationals were arrested in an army raid after a Syrian born IS member was captured last year, News Corp reported on Friday.

After an interrogation it's understood he admitted to working with the three Australians whom he lived with.

Three Australian Islamic State militants have reportedly been arrested at gunpoint. Source: AP

The trio reportedly don't wish to return to Australia.

Cabinet minister Christopher Pyne said the government has the power to strip dual nationals fighting overseas of their Australian citizenship and will do so if warranted.

"We will look very carefully at what those three have been doing and of course give them a very fair hearing but we will take action, if necessary, to protect Australians from potential terrorists," he said during an interview.

Sydney jihadists appear in an Islamic State 'beheading' video. Source: AAP

Justice Minister Michael Keenan has declined to comment directly on the case but on Thursday met with Lebanese police and intelligence chiefs during a visit to the region.

Keenan warned that terrorists are looking to return home through Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.

At least 100 Australian jihadists working with Islamic State, many are dual nationals.