Aussie influencer's ‘nightmare’ Airbnb experience in Bali: 'I feel like crying'

The 'frustrating' experience had the small business owner on the verge of tears.

Most Aussies head to Bali to wind down and relax – so arriving to the sound of heavy clanging will undoubtedly sour your mood. But that's the "nightmare" scenario a popular blogger found herself in, before raising the question what can – or should have – been done to avoid the unfortunate scenario.

She revealed she arrived at her "beautiful" Airbnb villa to the sound of construction work, even claiming debris from the neighbouring site was falling into her pool. She described the situation as her "worst nightmare".

The blogger, known online as CurvySam, was planning to film content at the villa for her work, which she booked through Airbnb, and now has to deal with constant noise plaguing her relaxing stay.

"Honestly, I feel like crying," she said in a TikTok video with loud background noise on Wednesday, which has more than 160,000 views.

Two photos of Sam, a Brisbane blogger and small business owner, sitting poolside at a Bali villa with construction work going on next door.
A blogger and small business owner is frustrated with her stay at a Bali villa, where there is construction noise going on next door all day. Source: TikTok

"I've been here 10 minutes and this is going on from 7.30am till 5pm and I'm here in this villa to shoot video content to talk on camera, and I can't do that."

The plus-size fashion business owner says she "saved up" for two days in the villa — which has "cost more than [her] entire 9 days in Bali so far" — to film, and for the "mental reprieve" and "quiet," given there is construction work going on next to her Brisbane apartment.

"I'm a new business and just trying to get by and shoot my new collection... this is my worst nightmare" she said.

CurvySam also mentioned the 'no privacy' element was also frustrating, with the workers "looking over and watching her". "This is not what I wanted," she said.

Villa apologises to blogger

After speaking to the manager, Sam said he apologised and has been "really wonderful". "He has let me know what time they have breaks which is better than nothing," she said.

However many commented on the video to say management should've done more. "We had this on an expensive Byron holiday. Next door was the same. It should have been an email sent to you to let you know, and a discount," one person said.

"They should have disclosed this prior to booking. So sorry, hope you get a refund," another said.

"Oh Sam, I’m so sorry. So much construction going on there at the moment. Can you ask them to stop working for a few hours so you can do some videos?" a third person said.

Others pointed out that it was commonplace in Bali, and she was naive to be unaware of such an issue across the island.

Given that Sam had a photographer coming in the next morning and all the clothes for the shoot ironed and ready to go, she said she wasn't able to move accomodation last minute.

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