Aussie homeowner's shocking spider 'invasion' from power socket

A NSW resident was stunned to find an 'invasion of baby spiders' beside his bed.

The sight could easily be mistaken as a scene from a horror film, but one NSW resident's experience of finding a cluster of baby spiders inside his home is "very common" in Australia.

The formidable cluster of small spiders were spotted crawling out of a power socket in his home on the Central Coast, with the "invasion of baby spiders" appearing from every crevice as they took over the wall beside his bed.

A cluster of spiders can be seen coming out of the power socket.
The NSW Central Coast resident found a cluster of baby huntsman spiders crawling out of his power socket. Source: Geoff Barnes

He turned to social media to report the 'creepy' incident, with the spiders identified as juvenile huntsmans — one of the largest spider species in the world.

Why would the spiders be found there?

A mother spider will seek specific conditions for her egg sac to hatch in, and an Aussie home just so happens to be a great environment.

"Spiders like a dry environment for their egg sac," Scott Johnson, moderator of Australian Spider Identification Facebook page, told Yahoo News Australia. "They'll look for a nice dry spot, hopefully out of the way, and they usually end up inside away from the weather."

In spring and summer, it takes roughly 30 to 60 days for a egg sac to hatch and the process can take twice as long in the colder months. Depending on the spider and the size of the egg sac, between 60-100 spiders can hatch at the one time.

What should I do if I find this in my home?

"If they're out of harm's way, my recommendation would be to just leave them," Scott said.

Yes — you read that correctly.

"When they emerge they'll only be around for a week and a half for the most before they disperse," he continued, sharing that most will not survive beyond infancy.

"They are great pest controllers, they'll eat all the mozzies and cockroaches... some people call them 'wall puppies'."

Interesting huntsman spider facts:

  • Huntsman spiders don't spin webs

  • Huntsman spiders are the second largest spider species in the world

  • Huntsman spiders have venom but are not considered dangerous to humans

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