Aussie frustrated by her UberEats shopping delivery

An Aussie mum has shared her frustrations with ordering groceries through UberEats.

Video transcript

- So our shopping just arrived, and it came in these two bags, which I'm so glad about that it didn't come in paper bags. So let's unpack it. Now, this is where the bad part comes in with ordering with UberEats is because when something is wrong or it's just gross, there's really no way to go back and complain about it.

And many of you have told me I should shop through Coles directly or through Woolies directly in the past. But the issue for me is that you can't always get it within the hour, which is when I need it. Like, I need it to do my shopping today. We were already, like, four days over from when I normally buy it. And I couldn't get it in the next couple of hours. And we needed it to have lunch. We needed it to have dinner. So it just doesn't work for me.

Having said that, I'm pretty annoyed at like the state of the vegetables in themselves because this guy has bought corn, which I don't know if you can see, but inside the bag, it's all, like, slimy. Now, the date on the bag says the 20th and today is the 17th. So he's done nothing wrong. He's bought products that are in date. They just are disgusting.

The second one is this lettuce. Have a look at it. The lettuce is like pink. You probably can't see it as well on here. But, like, it's not a little bit of the lettuce. It's all of the lettuce that's in there. It's just not fresh. Again, the bag says the 20th, so Coles, you're not doing very well because you're leaving products on the shelf that aren't great.

Now, before anyone goes and says that it's a type of lettuce, it's not. I've got another lettuce in the fridge that is a combination of other things. Where is it? In our fridge. OK, this one here, which is a mixed lettuce. You can see they're the green lettuce. It's got other things in there. This one is out of date-- on the 17th, which is today. And this lettuce looks better than the lettuce that's over there. This one I know where I got it. I think I got it at Woolworths. Coles, pick up your game.

Now, the guy that did our shopping for us, I'm not sure if the products we bought are different from products that he buys in his weekly shop. But for me, that's kind of something that I thought my hubby trained well. He knows not to pick up this kind of product. So it's unfortunate that the guy also picked it up and didn't, like, look through. But that was pretty obvious from his rating because his rating on Uber was only, I think, 89, which is kind of low for an Uber driver.

Anyway, let's keep looking at the rest and see what else we got. So the bag is all mixed up with my bread at the bottom underneath everything else. [CHUCKLES] Oh, dear.