Aussie fisherman 'almost eaten' during scary late-night encounter

People are being warned about the dangers of getting too close to the water's edge.

A late-night fishing trip almost took a deadly turn for an Aussie fisherman who was "shocked" to discover a 5-metre croc preparing to launch out of the water towards him.

The man was fishing in Cape York in Far North Queensland, where crocodiles are known to roam. But photos taken at nighttime show how "sneaky" they can be when unaware.

The fisherman was sitting about two metres from the bank, his friend revealed on Facebook, posting photos of the barely noticeable animal as a warning. It was only when the man turned on his torch did he discover the reptile's nose poking out of the murky water, seemingly ready for a feed.

Hidden crocodile coming our of water in Cape York Far North Queensland.
The crocodile was spotted only after turning on the torch, proving how well the animals can hide. Source: Facebook

'It wanted to kill him'

Alongside photos shared on social media this week the fisherman's friend claimed the croc "wanted to kill him". "Trying to eat my friend," he said, somewhat overstating. "Commercial crabbers warned them that it was there".

However, the poster later revealed that his mate "was never in danger" as he was positioned behind "a huge esky and a large table" acting as a barrier.

Fisherman's 'stupidity' slammed

The close encounter ruffled a few feathers though with many Aussies fed up with people who continue to approach and torment the crocs.

"Doesn't matter how many times you warn people they still don't listen," one person said. "Your friend asked to be eaten with his stupidity," wrote another. While many reiterated the importance of "respecting croc country".

Hidden crocodile coming our of water in Cape York Far North Queensland.
People are advised to stay at least five metres from the water's edge in case the reptiles sneak up on them. Source: Facebook

The encounter should act as a lesson many concluded, with one reminding people to "never be complacent" crocodile territories.

"Great post showing how well these animals can hide," one said

"We need to remember all water in croc country can have crocs in them," they added. "We should always fish with this in mind and stay at least 5 m back from the water".

According to the Queensland Department of Environment and Science, there have been 12 deaths in the state caused by crocs from 1975 to 2021 and 41 non-fatal attacks. Two of those were in the Cape York Peninsula.

Crocodile cresting on sand near water in Cape york Queensland
Crocodiles are known to frequent the waters in the Cape York region of Far NOrth Queensland. Source: Google Images

Tips to reduce your risk while fishing

  • Stay at least 5 metres from the water’s edge where crocodiles like to hunt

  • Dispose of your food and fish scraps in a bin or at home

  • Keep pets on a lead and away from the water’s edge

  • Avoid using small vessels like kayaks and paddle boards

  • Stay away from crocodile traps

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