Aussie fire fighter caught in 'cute' moment after being called to kitchen blaze

NSW Firefighter Dirk Ziekenheiner has recalled the moment after a photo of the sweet interaction went viral.

It was a night full of surprises for one Aussie family on Saturday after a cooking mishap ended with an emergency visit from their local firies who did more than expected to make sure everyone was comforted when they left.

The resident had "decided to make a sauce with brandy" when a fire broke out in the kitchen of her Blue Haven property on the NSW Central Coast. As firefighters arrived to put out the blaze, the woman's young daughter, clearly excited by the visitors, soon found them an extra job to do.

"Once we got there and ascertained that there was no fire spread to the roof and other areas... their daughter decided to take me away into the room to see the new books she got," Doyalson Fire and Rescue Station Manager Dirk Ziekenheiner told Yahoo News.

"Which I then obviously took the opportunity to read," he added.

Firie Dirk Ziekenheiner sitting on the young girl's chair and reading to he as she keenly listened over her shoulder.
The parents of the little girl captured firie Dirk Ziekenheiner's 'amazing' act, as he took a moment to read to her after putting out the kitchen fire. Source: Facebook

The parents of the three-year-old snapped a picture of their daughter's interaction with the firefighter — who sat in one of her small pink chairs and read to her while she keenly listened.

Teaching young children fire safety is 'key to surviving'

Despite her young age, the three-year-old seemed well versed on what to do if a fire broke out in her home and the firefighter was impressed by the "fire safety" she already espoused.

"Obviously her parents did really well and schools pass on the message, and you know that safety messages are key to surviving a house fire, especially these days," Ziekenheiner said.

"If you don't know what to do, and you never plan for it, then you're probably behind the eight ball... this girl was amazing, she knew all those key messages which is really important."

After the image was shared online Aussies praised the firefighter for being "amazing" and commenting on how "cute" the moment was, with her mum thanking Ziekenheiner publicly.

"Thank you again, made her night!" she wrote.

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