Aussie driver baffled by strange L-plate: ‘What does this mean?’

The unusual L-plate was seen on a car in Melbourne and people have been debating what it might be for.

A mysterious looking learner's plate spotted on the back of a car in Melbourne has stumped road users, who are now scrambling for answers.

One bemused local took to social media to share the plate stuck to a Toyota Camry, which has a black letter 'L' with a red 'prohibition' sign, also known as the 'no symbol' going through it.

"What does this L Plate mean?" the person asked on Reddit on Sunday. [Is it] an actual thing? Or is this some weird thing this guy’s made themselves…"

A photo of a Toyota Camry in Melbourne with an L-plate that has a 'general prohibition' red circle and diagonal line through it.
A Melbourne driver saw a L-plate that has a 'general prohibition' red circle and diagonal line through it, and was left utterly confused. Source: Reddit/Paedroyhml

The post was viewed more than 1,300 times with almost 300 people weighing in on the bizarre plate.

Many agreed it "isn't common knowledge at all," having 'never seen it' before the photo.

"My mind immediately went to some sort of sovereign citizen," one person said.

Though others were convinced it's an official plate, seemingly "for a hire car/share car that learners aren't allowed to practice in".

"So many comments leaping on it being some stupid thing, and it's actually quite innocent and sensible," one person said.

Victoria Roads weighs in on unusual L-plate debate

A Victoria Roads spokesperson confirmed "it's not an official car plate" and as such, should not be used.

An L-plate should be 150mm by 150mm with a black letter L on a yellow background and should be displayed clearly on the car.

If drivers are caught with an unofficial plate in Victoria such as this one, or have the wrong official L or P plate displayed on their car, they can cop a $184 fine.

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