Aussie dad's unpleasant clean up job after 'dirty' 4WD mishap

Alex Clements was devastated to find the contents of his family's caravan toilet spilled across his driveway.

4WD driver Alex Clements stands with his hands on his hips looking at the contents strewn across his Gold Coast driveway.
4WD driver Alex Clements had to clean up the content's of his family caravan toilet tank after it spilled on his Gold Coast driveway. Source: TikTok

It was a day like any other for one man tidying up the caravan he travels around the country in with his partner and children, but one small mishap ended with a loud bang and a vey smelly clean-up.

Alex Clements was doing the unpleasant, yet necessary task of switching over the family's full caravan toilet last week when something went wrong, causing the tank to fall and spill all of the contents across his driveway in his Gold Coast home.

"We travel and live in the caravan and one of our toilets was full, so he was swapping them over. The full one went into the back of the ute and husband just opened up the canopy and it just fell out and broke on the floor," his wife Irene told Yahoo News.

"I was just walking around with our dog by the trees and I heard Alex yell out," she said. After running to see what the commotion was about, she confidently assured him she wouldn't be involved in the clean-up process.

"I was like yeah, nah that's not for me, that's not a me problem. I told him, you got to get the hose out." Their young daughter also made a quick exit after she realised what her dad had spilled.

Camping allows family to be as 'dirty' as they like

Despite the poo mishap not quite being what the family had in mind, ditching planes for their four wheel drive in order to travel the country has been the "right decision" for the couple and their three young children, who are all under the age of seven. Clements said it allows the kids to be as "dirty" as they like rather than being mindful in some swanky hotel.

"The kids are happy. Their holidays are about them, they're not about being quiet inside a hotel room or not making a mess. Like if anything, we can be as dirty as we want," she said.

"My husband and I have always liked to travel, but then we all of a sudden have kids and just going on aeroplanes and hotels was no longer enjoyable," she said.

However, she admits the toilet break has "never happened" before and she hopes it won't again.

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