Aussie couple's dream home ruined by 40cm problem: 'It's heartbreaking'

Work on a couple's dream Gold Coast home has had to stop when their builders had no room to complete construction.

The completion of an Aussie couple's dream home on the Gold Coast has been put on hold after builders said they're unable to continue work.

The reason, according to Kathy Morin and Devon Matsalla, is because of a 40cm gap between their home and their neighbours' which allegedly goes against council requirements.

The couple, originally from Canada, began building their home on a canal estate in Coomera Waters. But despite being so close to finishing, the positioning of the house next door means the builders can't erect the scaffolding required to safely complete their build.

Two homes in Coomera Waters, Gold Coast.
The two homes in Coomera Waters are just 40cm apart. Source: A Current Affair

Council approved decision leaves couple devastated

According to council plans obtained by A Current Affair, the upper floors of all homes should be set back by at least 2.5 metres from the property on its left. In this instance, there's just 40cm. The development application of the completed home was allegedly approved by the Gold Coast City Council, despite not being allowed, and the decision has left the couple devastated.

"It's heartbreaking, we've put in all our money, we've put in all our time," Ms Morin told A Current Affair. Mr Matsalla said he was "shocked and very confused" when he saw how close the two properties were.

Kathy Morin and Devon Matsalla.
Kathy Morin and Devon Matsalla have filed a complaint with the Gold Coast City Council over their new home in Coomera Waters. Source: A Current Affair

Neighbour denies wrongdoing

The completed home belongs to Dreamworld CEO Greg Yong who was questioned about the move, but he claimed his home couldn't have been built "if it wasn't certified". The furious couple filed a complaint with the council which is now investigating, with Mr Yong given until the end of February to respond.

Ms Morin said they wouldn't have been bothered by just a couple of centimetres. They said it's not about aesthetics and that their neighbour's home is "preventing us from building our house".

The couple is also looking at additional costs, including a necessary firewall due to how close the houses are. Mr Yong agreed to help the couple by temporarily removing timber beams along the left side of his home so that scaffolding can be put up around the property — but the couple will be forced to cough up extra funds for this to happen.

Until a solution is found, all work on the Canadian couple's home must cease. Yahoo News Australia contacted the Gold Coast City council for comment.

The couple's neighbour is Dreamworld CEO Greg Yong. Source Getty
The couple's neighbour is Dreamworld CEO Greg Yong. Source Getty

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