Aussie couple's disturbing discovery in backyard: 'Something strange’

Retirees seek answers following a series of mysterious deaths on their property.

Retiring next to a golf course on a small Tasmanian acreage three years ago was supposed to be the perfect change. Georgina Wiggins and her husband had been working in the Middle East and they were looking forward to moving close to nature at a property south of Hobart. "We fell in love with the place, the fresh air, the lovely landscape and the wildlife," she said.

Then half a dozen native animals on their property dropped dead. Ms Wiggins told Yahoo News Australia she's struggling to understand why six wallaby-like pademelons have died at her Margate property over the past year, three within the last month. Others are showing signs of sickness and the situation has her becoming increasingly concerned.

Garden, shed and a dead pademelon (with a red circle around it) in the grass at a property in Tasmania
After speaking with Yahoo News Australia, a Tasmania resident found a seventh pademelon dead. Source: Supplied

"I was sitting in the kitchen on Wednesday night and said: Look there's a pademelon. It came quite close to the house, and all of my family who were over for a birthday became excited and were watching," she recalled. "Then its head got lower and lower and then it just went boom and keeled over in front of us. I thought it had died. But then my sister said: It's just hopped away."

Call for help to solve pademelon death mystery

After speaking with Yahoo News on Thursday, Ms Wiggins went searching for the sick pademelon. While uncertain if it was the same one she saw the previous evening, she found a seventh one dead by her back shed. She hopes by sharing her story others may come forward and help solve her mystery.

Dead pademelon on grass
Ms Wiggins is hoping to work out why pademelons are dying at her Margate property. Source: Supplied

"My husband was playing golf yesterday and he was talking to a woman who also found two dead pademelons in her garden, so there's something strange going on around here," she said.

Yahoo News has been unable to identify any other similar occurrences nearby. The golf course confirmed it has only seen one sick pademelon on its premises over the past 12 months and it was treated by a rescuer. Tasmania's department of environment (NRE) said they have not received any reports of pademelon deaths in the area, but has urged anyone who encounters sick wildlife to contact Bonorong Wildlife Rescue on 0447 264 625.

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