Aussie bin rollout leaves rubbish 'rotting in the sun'

Locals are wondering when their 'maggot-infested' rubbish may finally be collected under the council's new schedule.

A Sydney council's garbage bin change is in it's third week of chaos as locals are left to deal with the mess of missed pick-ups and overflowing bins that's come from the "rushed" roll-out.

Many locals have shared their frustration in recent days, with one desperate community member begging to know when her street's food organic and garden organic FOGO bins are finally going to be collected.

"They’ve been out in the sun full of rotting food all weekend. They stink and are attracting flies," she posted on her local Facebook page, with many local residents sharing her annoyance.

The Inner West Council (IWC) in Sydney began their new garbage bin cycle in mid-October which changed general rubbish bin collections from weekly to fortnightly and introduced FOGO bins for food scraps, emptied weekly.

Photos of garbage bins on the streets of Sydney's inner west.
According to locals, the Inner West Council have fumbled the FOGO bin roll-out. Source: Facebook

Reportedly, the online calendar meant to show what day of the week a household's bin gets picked up is not working properly, leaving many unsure when their next collection will be.

"The calendar is a mess. [It] has been [incorrectly] updated," Greens Councillor Marghanita da Cruz for Leichhardt said in a recent Facebook post while trying to offer advice to her community.

Rollout of new bin schedule has locals furious

Though there is still support for the use of FOGO bins, it's been the rollout of the new schedule that has been "very difficult for the residents", locals agreed unanimously.

"[I] just want council to collect my stinky bin when they say they will," one person said.

"At what point can we opt to leave our bins on the council door step? I don’t want my smelly bins festering for weeks on end around my kids," commented another.

"The waste app says a pickup time that the sticker on the bin contradicts on my street, and in any case they haven’t come to pick up at either time. Stinks!" a third responded.

Left image is a close up of the small FOGO bin given to Inner West locals. Right image is of all coloured bins lined up against a wall on a street.
The 'rough' rollout has left many from the Inner West community with 'stinky' bins 'festering' in the sun. Source: Facebook

Councillors admit to 'rough' start

Ms da Cruz has been responding daily to complaints from concerned community members online, advising them that there are serious "teething problems" but it will get better.

"I suggest putting your bins out according to calendar and if they are not collected, logging a Missed Bins in your street. I expect the system will be fixed but it will take time," she said.

In response to the ongoing saga, Greens member for Balmain Kobi Shetty recently told Yahoo News Australia that though FOGO is a huge win for the community, it is unfortunate that it's gotten off to such a rough start.

"Council staff are doing their very best to make this rollout a success, but they have been put in a difficult position by being pushed by the Labor-led Council to roll this out quickly. This rushed timeline has left our community in the lurch," she said.

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