Aussie beachgoers stunned as two 'thirsty' snakes fight it out

The snakes stole the show at a popular Sunshine Coast beach and experts say the sight is about to become more common.

It seems you can't go far in Queensland at the moment without stumbling across a pair of brawling snakes fighting it out for dominance in the lead up to peak mating season.

Much like their human counterparts, male snakes often clash with one another when it comes to finding the perfect suitor, with the latest battle taking place at a popular Sunshine Coast tourist spot — much to the shock of stunned onlookers.

Seasoned wildlife expert Snake Catcher Dan — aka Daniel Busstra — shared extraordinary vision of the slithery scuffle at Mudjimba, south of Noosa, revealing that incidents like this are only expected to become more common in the ensuing weeks.

Two snakes are seen wrapped around one another on a Sunshine Coast beach.
The two snakes were snapped enthralled in a battle for dominance. Source: Snake Catcher Dan.

"These two love-thirsty boys were having a scrap on a beach in Mudjimba yesterday, while everyone stood back and enjoyed the show," Dan said. "I love that. No one needed to get involved because every snake that’s left alone is a safe snake.

"How do I know they are boys you may ask? When it's a male versus male fight, they are trying to show who is stronger by pushing the other snake's head down to be dominant."

Incredible vision shows the two non-venomous coastal carpet pythons entangled in one another, viciously attempting to assert their dominance.

Snake fight can go on for hours

Dan explained the ritual "can go on for over an hour", if the two are "both evenly matched".

Though the footage was just seconds-long, it appears both snakes were checked into the brawl for the long-haul.

In the distance, a man can be seen walking ahead of the animals, blithely unaware of the quarrel taking place behind him.

The latest fight comes just days after another Queenslander was left speechless following a truly terrifying discovery in his ceiling. After the man heard thumps in the roof above his dining room, he promptly called for help.

Of course, the team at Sunshine Coast Snake catchers weren't far behind. What they found would make even the bravest of people a little on edge: two huge male carpet pythons battling in out in the vacant space between the ceiling and roof.

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