Ask Kate Moss anything: the supermodel on everything from marriage advice to regrets

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Where is your favourite place in London? Endri, 21, Lancaster Gate


What’s your favourite runway moment ever? Hannah, 24, Embankment

John Galliano. Running in his SS94 show. That was the most beautiful dress I’ve ever worn.

What’s your desert island beauty product? Bella, 25, Mayfair

My moisturiser, Cosmos.

What’s your favourite Madonna song? Phoebe, 24, The Strand

Oooh... ‘Into the Groove’. Definitely.

Do you have any regrets? And you can’t say no regrets! Lydia, 26, London Fields

Alright then I’ll say, Je regrette rien!

How do we stay hopeful in times like this? Isaac, 19, South Bank

Faith. Faith in the universe. Everything is going to be okay.

Have you ever had falafel? Murtaja, 55 Beirut Kitchen, Soho

Yes. I had it on the Edgware Road at Maroush. If in doubt, a late night Maroush!

What’s your favourite shoot you’ve ever done? Tayla, 29, Somerset House

Anything by Mert and Marcus.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

What’s your favourite fruit? Elspeth, 20, Trafalgar Square

Blueberries. They’re just delicious. Firm. Cold.

Where do you go to take a breather? Fiona, 18, OXO Tower

There’s a spot in my country house, I call it Glastonbury. It’s my own little Glastonbury: I have a gypsy caravan and a fire pit, and I sit on the grass and I breathe and ground myself.

Should fashion ever be politicised? Amruta, 19, Trafalgar Square


What’s your advice for an up-and-coming model? Josie, 22, Soho

You can always say no.

Of all the designers you’ve worked with, who is the most naturally talented? Richie, 36, Soho

John Galliano.

Could I ever style an outfit for you? Rocco, 22, South Bank

No. Only one person can do that, [my friend] James Brown.

If you turned into a panda and fought another panda, do you think you’d stand a chance? Bakar, 19, South Bank

Yes! I’m from Croydon. Kung Fu Panda — hiyaaah! Ninja!

Where’s the best place you’ve travelled to? Shane, 34, Southwark

Oh my God that’s hard. I like Thailand. I used to go a lot, I haven’t been for ages but I’m going back. It’s so beautiful: the people, the food, the lifestyle, Buddhism... gorgeous.

How are you? Are you happy? Ben, 20, Tate Modern

Yes, I am. Finally!

What would be your marriage advice? Sushmita, 24, Bank

Pick a good one.

What’s your favourite book? Tom, 22, Covent Garden

I’ve got so many... The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford.

This Q&A first appeared in ES Magazine in July 2022.