'Fundamentally wrong': Fitness guru ridiculed after defending parking in 'unused' disabled spot

An online fitness guru, who defended parking her car in a disabled spot, has been criticised for her actions and not being able to walk the length of a car park.

Ashy Bines justified parking her luxury Range Rover in a Gold Coast disabled parking spot because her gym has "no members with any disabilities".

"When no one’s used that car park for three years and we have no members with any disabilities, then I do use that car park sometimes,” Bines said in a Snapchat video that has since been deleted.

“I know that it does look bad in some way but I hope you guys can hear my side of the story."

This photo was taken of a Range Rover, said to belong to Bines, in a disabled parking spot. Source: Facebook
Bines admitted she parks there regularly. Source: Instagram

In an emotional response to the incident, 3AW radio personality Tom Elliot accused Bines of being part of the "me generation" and not considering the needs of anyone else.

"My grandfather had multiple sclerosis and he only died 20 years ago," Elliot told Sunrise.

"I remember him struggling to drive a car while he still could drive... and for someone like her would park in a disabled spot, is just wrong.

"I believe her fitness centre is in a shopping centre, so it is not only people go to her gym use the parking spot.

"She is fundamentally wrong, she is part of the me generation 'I park where I want to park'."

Sunrise guests Tom Elliot and Jane Caro pointed out the irony that Bines, a fitness guru, was unable to walk the length of a car park. Source: Sunrise
Bines said no one’s used that car park for three years. Source: Instagram

Social commentator Jane Caro said the irony of the situation was overwhelming.

"Disabled parking spaces are there for people with disabilities," she told Sunrise co-host Sam Armytage.

"If you are a fitness guru, for god's sake, don't park there, one assumes you can walk."

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