Arnold Schwarzenegger Explains Which Iconic Role of His He'd Recast With Jason Kelce

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Kelce

Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks Jason Kelce could be quite the talented actor.

The 76-year-old movie star said he'd even recast one of his most iconic roles to make way for the retired football player's big-screen debut.

The conversation came about during a taping of the New Heights podcast, which aired on Wednesday, April 3, in which Travis Kelce asked Schwarzenegger, "If you were to reboot one of your movies and cast each of us in a role, what movie and who do you think we'd play?"

His response appeared to be directed at Jason, 36, as he turned to the former Philadelphia Eagle and said, "Oh, I would definitely do Conan the Barbarian."

"Imagine how real this is," the Terminator actor continued, "I mean, you don't have to change anything."

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The trio laughed as Jason joked that he would "have to grow his hair out" for the role. The former governor of California disagreed, saying, "No, you can put a wig on."

Schwarzenegger apparently stunned the two NFL stars with his suggestion, as they later asked if he was wearing a wig while filming the original 1982 adventure/action flick.

"It was a partial wig," the award-winning actor clarified. "The thing is they also had short hair in those days, you don't have to do the long hair thing."

"I mean, that would be fantastic," the former bodybuilder added. "All you have to do is just learn how to horseback ride."

According to the filmmaker, learning how to ride a horse is the "key thing" for the movie as he went on to say Jason needs to "get good [at] horseback riding."

"Because, you know, you do the sword-fighting on a horse, you really can't pay that much attention to the horse. The horse goes around the circle and does its thing, but you have to pay attention to the sword not to get whacked," he said.

Schwarzenegger later revealed that he took three years of horseback riding lessons and three years of sword-fighting lessons to perfect the skill–now that's dedication!

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