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Apple’s new AirPods Pro are back on sale for $200

It's the best price Engadget has seen on the earbuds since Black Friday.

Billy Steele/Engadget

If you’ve been patiently waiting for Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro to go on sale, now is your chance to get them at an all-time low price. Amazon has discounted the earbuds to $200. That’s the lowest price Engadget has seen on the AirPods Pro since they went on sale for Black Friday last year.

The second-generation AirPods Pro are a significant upgrade over the original model. They offer improved sound quality and ANC performance, while keeping all of the conveniences that Apple users have come to expect.
$200 at Amazon

Similar appearances aside, the new AirPods Pro represent a significant upgrade over the original 2019 model. Engadget Senior Editor Billy Steele awarded the AirPods Pro a score of 88 when he had a chance to review them last year. They offer improved audio quality and active noise cancellation performance, as well as one of the best transparency modes on any set of wireless earbuds on the market right now. Add to that a redesigned case that is sweat- and water-resistant, the usual conveniences you’ll find on all AirPods, including hands-free Siri and fast pairing, and you have one of the best sets of earbuds you can buy to use with an iPhone. At $200, the AirPods Pro are even more compelling.

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