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Apple’s second-gen AirPods Pro are on sale for $234 right now

It's the best price since launch.

Billy Steele/Engadget

If you’ve been waiting for Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro to go on sale, now is your chance to pick them up. Amazon has discounted the earbuds for a limited time. After a six percent price cut, the 2022 AirPods Pro are $234, down from $249. The $15 discount marks the best reduction we’ve seen on Apple’s latest earbuds since they went on sale back in September.

Buy Apple AirPods Pro at Amazon - $234

While they don’t look dramatically different from their predecessor, the second-generation AirPods Pro feature some meaningful upgrades. With the inclusion of its new H2 chip, Apple claims the 2022 model is better at canceling out ambient noise and comes with improved battery life. The company also found a way to add touch controls to the new model. Engadget Senior Editor Billy Steele gave the earbuds a score of 88, praising the 2022 AirPods Pro for their improved audio quality and deep integration with the broader Apple ecosystem. In regards to the new touch controls, he said they take some practice to master. He also found battery life could be better. Despite those issues, the 2022 AirPods Pro are among the best wireless earbuds you can buy right now, especially if you use an iPhone as your daily driver.

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