Anzac spirit inspires couple to give gift

Albany City Mayor Dennis Wellington, Perth businesswoman Rhonda Peploe and artist Brad Lucas. Picture: Toyah Shakespeare

The $40,000 Anzac Spirit artwork, bought by Perth businesswoman Rhonda Peploe and donated to the City of Albany, will now permanently be displayed at the National Anzac Centre.

Ms Peploe and husband Rick Peploe were thanked for the donation of Albany artist Brad Lucas' copper creation at a morning tea held at Vancouver Arts Centre on Tuesday morning.

Ms Peploe said she was very privileged to be involved in the process and said it would open doors for the next generation.

"It's the connection to Anzac; we came down for the commemorative weekend and we thought 'this must stay in Albany'," she said. "We had been to the Anzac centre the day before and thought what a wonderful centre - it's second to none."

Mr Peploe, who used to own Dog Rock Motel, said they fell in love with Lucas' creation.

"I think it's so unusual; blending the two metals, it creates a ghostly imagine - it's very clever," he said.

Albany City Mayor Dennis Wellington said the City had the "deepest gratitude" for the donation.

He said that to relocate to the National Anzac Centre, the sculpture would be taken apart in three sections and placed - fittingly - on a horse float.

Ms Peploe's grandmother Mary Selby moved to Albany in 1910 with four children in tow.

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