'Fake news': Anti-vaxxers spread rumours about couple who died from Covid

A family already grappling with the deaths of a mum and dad from coronavirus say they are now dealing with anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists.

Misty Mitchem, 46, and her husband Kevin, 48, from the US state of Virginia, were unvaccinated against Covid-19 and died weeks apart from the virus, The Washington Post reports.

They were Covid skeptics but their family said they ultimately regretted not getting vaccinated.

Kevin’s brother Mike told The Post anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists are now claiming the story is a hoax.

“Why would the media make up a story this tragic? I would give anything for it to not be true, just to have my brother back,” he told the paper.

Misty Mitchem, 46, and her husband Kevin, 48, are pictured.
Misty Mitchem, 46, and her husband Kevin, 48, both died from Covid-19 after choosing not to get vaccinated. Source: NBC

Mike said some had labelled it “fake news”.

He added his brother had told him he believed he would not get Covid-19. He told People magazine he asked his brother to get vaccinated.

“His response to me was to show different memes and stuff that he found on Facebook. He believed all that to be gospel truth and I could not change his mind,” he told the magazine.

“The heartbreaking part was while Kevin was in the hospital, he asked the medical staff to give him the shot. They had to tell him it was too late.”

They were parents to four children aged 11-17. All four now live with Ms Mitchem's sister Janine Sutter in South Carolina.

“Kevin texted me and he said, ‘I love you. Please take care of my children.' And so I am,” Ms Sutter told WYFF-TV.

The Mitchems aren’t the only family to have been affected by coronavirus misinformation fuelled by skeptics and conspiracy theorists.

Curt Carpenter, 28, from Alabama died, after believing coronavirus was a hoax.

Like the Mitchem family he was also unvaccinated.

Stephen Harmon, 34, died in July. He was also an anti-vaxxer and member of the Hillsong Church.

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