Anti-vaxxer mum's haunting last words before dying of Covid

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A young mother who battled Covid-19 for three weeks in the ICU has died, after admitting that not getting vaccinated after being swayed by online conspiracy theories was the "worst mistake" she had ever made.

Abby Gibbs was just 24-years-old and a "brilliant" mother to three kids, living in the UK.

Earlier in September, Abby fell sick with Covid-19. She spent 17 days in the ICU, before she succumbed to the illness.

Her mother, Lynne Gibbs, told the Northern Echo, she and her daughter were meant to get vaccinated together.

Abby Gibbs. Source: GoFundMe
Abby Gibbs decided not to get the Covid vaccine after listening to conspiracy theories. Source: GoFundMe

"Abby was supposed to go the same day as me to have her vaccine, but she was that hooked on conspiracy theories, she decided not to go," Ms Gibbs said.

After she was admitted to hospital, she told her mother she wished she got the vaccine and not doing so was the "worst mistake" she ever made, Ms Gibbs said.

Mum hopes tragic story will encourage people to get vaccinated

Abby died on September 22 and her mother is hoping her story will help bring awareness and encourage people to get vaccinated.

“If Abby had been vaccinated she would still be here today," Ms Gibbs said.

"She will be missed by everyone."

Abby Gibbs. Source: Facebook
Abby Gibbs died after battling Covid for weeks in the ICU. Source: Facebook

Abby is being remembered for her generosity, Ms Gibbs explained while she was in hospital she was arranging things for her children and buying them clothes.

Her brother, Lewis Gibbs, told The Northern Echo he was the last person Abby spoke to before she died.

"I was the last person she spoke to, and she said make sure you look after the kids – make sure they can have the best life they can,” he said.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Abby's children and you can donate to it here.

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