Anti-vaxxer denies comparing NSW Freedom Day shutout to Holocaust

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An Australian anti-vaxxer who posted a photo of herself and her three children appearing to wear the Star of David has denied comparing NSW’s Freedom Day vaccine rules to the treatment of Jews during the Holocaust.

Sarah Mills, a NSW mummy blogger, posted the controversial image to her Instagram and Facebook accounts on Monday as the state’s vaccinated population celebrated the easing of restrictions, nicknamed 'Freedom Day'.

In the photo, Ms Mills, her daughter and two sons could be seen smiling with yellow Star of David replicas pinned to their chests. The post along with others has since been removed from public viewing.

The yellow six-pointed star was used by Nazis during the Holocaust to easily identify Jewish members of the population.

In a caption posted alongside the photo, Ms Mills hit out at the term Freedom Day.

“They say history always repeats itself and ladies and gentlemen, they are not wrong,” she wrote.

Sarah Mills and her three kids wearing the Star of David.
The NSW mum posted a controversial image of her and her three kids wearing the Star of David. Source: Sarah Mills/Facebook

“This is NOT freedom day. This is history repeating our mistakes, and if you’ve wondered what you would’ve done in the past, take note because you’re doing it now.

“To those out there feeling segregated and judged, you are not alone. We see you and we thank you for standing firm in your beliefs.”

The mum of three criticised the NSW government's decision to not let unvaccinated people enter restaurants, cinemas or stores with the majority of the population at 70 per cent fully vaxxed.

In NSW, 90.44 per cent have had at least one vaccine, 73.97 per cent are fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated residents won’t be able to participate in lockdown exit freedoms until December 1.

Unvaxxed mum denies Holocaust comparison

Her posts, which also showed her pictured in a striped top with a number superimposed over the image, outraged some people who accused her of comparing the unvaccinated to Jews experiencing the Holocaust.

Ms Mills denied she was making such a comparison and said she was “not saying this lockdown was comparable to the Holocaust. Full stop.”

Sarah Mills wearing a striped shirt with a six-digit number on a sticker on her chest.
The mum of three criticised the NSW government's decision to not let unvaccinated people enter restaurants, cinemas or stores. Source: Sarah Mills/Facebook

“There is a whole community being discriminated against and bullied for their personal medical choices. That’s not okay," she said.

“I am in NO way comparing the deaths of millions of people to not being allowed into Kmart, but people need to look at where that ‘them/us’ situation began and the whole story of it is far too deep for any mainstream media,” she said.

Ms Mills also posted a TikTok labelling Monday “segregation day”.

“I live in regional NSW so we’ve been living freely for a while now, until today,” Ms Hall said.

“Yesterday I was safe to be in public, today I am a threat.”

Mum's post deemed 'ignorant and horrific'

Her comments quickly garnered attention overnight, with comedian and singer Em Rusciano posting a screenshot of Ms Mill’s Instagram to her Twitter.

“I… I just cannot… In case you’re wondering how wild it is today,” Ms Rusciano said.

“This non Jewish anti-vaxx blogger is comparing her family to the Jewish community and what they endured during WW2.

“Complete with a blue striped shirt and the yellow Star of David pin. I’m genuinely horrified.”

Others online called Ms Mill’s picture “ignorant and horrific”.

“As someone whose grandfather's family fled Poland by boat, for fear of Nazi persecution - this is physically painful,” one woman Tweeted.

“This is what consequence culture is made for,” another said.

“As a member of the transgender community I’ve experienced major persecution and discrimination. People co-opting the language of discrimination to suit their privileged outlooks is unacceptable and shows they lack awareness of the reality of true discrimination,” a third person wrote.

Ms Mills said “everyone is entitled to their own opinion”, adding that she had been sent death threats over her anti-vaxxer stance.

“I have had my number leaked and been harassed all night,” she said.

“We live in the most disgusting cancel culture where people think they have every right to abuse anyone that doesn’t align with their beliefs.”

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