Anti-Islamic page encourages threats to NSW family

Posts have appeared on an anti-Islamic social media page encouraging threats to a Hunter Valley Muslim family.

The posts included clandestine photos taken of the family outside their home.

Upper Hunter police have condemned the Facebook page, which is dedicated to anti-Islamic abuse.

Detective Inspector Tim Seymour told ABC News: “There’s not much in the way of any other language to describe it, other than outrageous”.

The photos were reportedly posted in late-November with the caption: “taken just now in Singleton NSW”.

“Not wanted and not welcome. Put your daughters inside,” the poster commented.

Others who commented on the post made similarly disparaging and threatening remarks.

Detective Inspector Seymour said that police would not tolerate racial or religious vilification and warned that in cases where such messages have been posted, administrators of social media pages can be held to account.

"Those people can find themselves subject to the sanctions of the law, most definitely," he said.

The Newcastle Herald reported it spoke to one of the site administrators online, who refused to disclose the names of those who run the page.

It is not known if the family identified in the photos are aware of the abuse directed at them.