Animals found skinned, beheaded in alleyway

Pet owners are fearful for their animals’ safety after a woman found several mutilated in an alleyway.

Maria Espinoza made the horrific discovery of what she thought were stuffed animals in an alleyway in Fresno, California, according to

She also realised some of them were beheaded and said some of them had been dumped “like they’re garbage”.

"I just can't imagine anybody hurting an animal in such a gruesome way," Ms Espinoza said.

Ms Espinosa thought she had found stuffed animals. Source:

The Central California chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) collected the bodies on Thursday, and a spokesman said it’s believed the animals may have been poisoned.

The news is alarming for John and Michelle Buckham who live right next to the alleyway with their dog.

"We have enough problems without the animals, too," said Mrs Buckham.
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The Fresno alleyway where the bodies were found. Source:

"The break-ins and everything else that goes on. We don't need (skinned or decapitated) animals."

The SPCA will continue its own investigation before deciding whether to hand findings on to police.

Michelle and John Buckham live near the alleyway with their dog. Source: