Animal rights protesters carry 'beaten sheep' in shocking Sydney demonstration

WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: Animal rights protesters have staged a disturbing demonstration campaigning against horrific treatment of sheep in the animal agricultural industry.

Activists descended on Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall on Wednesday afternoon, dressed in skin-coloured clothing, covered in fake blood and carrying dead sheep props.

The protest followed the release of several videos from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) showing alleged terrible treatment in the wool industry.

Footage obtained by PETA showed shearers allegedly punching sheep in the face, stamping and standing on their heads and necks, and beating and jabbing them with electric clippers.

PETA claimed eyewitness investigators found that lambs endured being deliberately mutilated and left with open wounds on their backsides.

PETA protesters in Pitt Street Mall with a bloody sheep prop and anti-wool signs on Wednesday afternoon. Source: Steven Walker via PETA
Protesters descended on Pitt Street Mall in Sydney on Wednesday afternoon. Source: Steven Walker via PETA

“Their ears are hole-punched, their tails are chopped off, and males are castrated – all without any pain relief,” the organisation claimed.

It argued that sheep were “gentle prey animals” petrified of even being held down, and should not be subject to the cruel treatment at the hands of shearers.

“They endure vicious beatings and sustain bloody wounds and broken limbs when they’re used for wool.”

PETA claimed thousands of years of genetic manipulation had led to sheep producing an unnatural amount of wool.

Without human interference, PETA said sheep produce just the right amount of wool to keep them warm in the winter and then they shed it naturally during warmer months.

Protestors displayed sheep props displaying wounds obtained by sheep in the wool industry. Source: PETA
Protestors displayed sheep props displaying wounds obtained by sheep in the wool industry. Source: PETA

“It’s arrogant to think that the animals whose bodies we have altered in order to make money wouldn’t be scared when we pin them down to rob them of their coats.”

The organisation has urged consumers not to purchase wool products in protest of these horrific conditions.

“The best thing you can do for sheep is refuse to buy wool. It’s easy to check the label before you buy clothing and other items.

“If it says ‘wool’, leave the item on the shelf and look for an animal-free alternative.”

PETA staged another protest in January where they barbecued fake dog meat.

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