Andy Cohen 'waiting't o be cancelled

Andy Cohen thinks he will be cancelled one day credit:Bang Showbiz
Andy Cohen thinks he will be cancelled one day credit:Bang Showbiz

Andy Cohen is "waiting" to be cancelled.

The 'Watch What Happens Live' presenter - who was recently cleared after being investigated by Bravo and parent company NBCUniversal following a string of lawsuits from former 'Real Housewives' stars - admitted he often reflects on what he's said in public and wonders if a particularly controversial remark will lead to his downfall.

He told Vulture: “It’s fascinating to me, the idea that you could say something and everything would be pulled away from you...

“Sometimes at night I’ll be in bed and I’ll think, Huh, did I say something? I’m always waiting for the thing that’s going to make it all fall down.”

Andy admitted he has to be "smart" with what he says now because of the current climate of people being "outraged" and not taking things in context.

He said: “You have to be smart about what you say because there’s no nuance anymore. People are just waiting to be outraged by every little thing.”

But the 55-year-old presenter enjoys being "provocative" and asking bold questions of his talk show guests.

He said: “I like being provocative. It makes me feel alive in a weird way. It’s dangerous. It’s spontaneous.

"I think it sometimes gets to the heart of who a person is. If you navigate it well, it can become something incredible and intoxicating. It’s like dancing on the water: Are you going to go over or not?”

Andy worked as a producer and held behind-the-scenes roles as Bravo when his enthusiasm for 'Real Housewives' led to him doing guest spots promoting the networks shows and eventually hosting their reunion specials, before landing his talk show, and he credits having many celebrity pals before becoming famous himself for giving him "perspective".

He explained: "I had a sense of how to behave. And then I had a lot of people who were normal people who were becoming famous, Housewives who were turning into beasts as a result.

"So I’m ultimately very appreciative of the whole thing. And you have to keep that perspective. You can’t go all in on it. Because it can all go away tomorrow.”