Sydney toddler unfazed after getting stuck in toy vending machine

A three-year-old boy who refused to come up empty handed has been rescued after climbing into a soft toy vending machine, north-west of Sydney.

After prying open the door of the arcade game at The Australian Hotel and Brewery at Rouse Hill on Anzac Day, the youngster soon realised there was no way out and had to be rescued by firefighters.

Riverstone Fire and Rescue Captain David Richards received a call from the boy’s frantic mother just after 2pm but said the boy wasn’t quite so fazed when they showed up.

“When we arrived, we found the boy had crawled through the hole in the machine but was enjoying himself, playing with the toys,” Captain Richards told News Corp.

“I asked him how are you my little man and he said he felt good.

The three-year-old had to be rescued after getting stuck in the toy vending machine at a Rouse Hill venue. Source: Riverstone Fire and Rescue
The toddler was rescued without injury. Source: Riverstone Fire and Rescue

“We gave him a drink of cold water as he may have been dehydrated because he was inside for a few minutes.”

After safely freeing the boy, Captain Richards said it was the first time he had ever rescued someone from a vending machine.

The ambitious toddler is not the only one to suffer the same fate, with a Cairns boy and Irish toddler making headlines for their own failed toy heists.

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