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Amazon's Black Friday sale brings Fire tablets back to all-time lows

Get the new Fire HD 8 tablet for $55.


True, Black Friday isn't for another week, but as we expected, Amazon is launching some of its best deals early. Right now, we're seeing steep price cuts on Fire tablets, with discounts between 33 and 50 percent. That puts the new-for-2022 Fire HD 8 Plus tablet down to just $65 from its list price of $120, and Amazon's largest tablet, the Fire HD 10, at $75, instead of its usual $150.

This year, Amazon revamped all of their 8-inch tablets, giving them a thinner profile and faster processors. The Black Friday sale marks the first time Fire 8 tablets have gone on sale since their release in September.

Shop Amazon's Black Friday Fire 8 tablet sale

While you'll usually see moderate, 20 percent discounts on brand new devices, Amazon is going all in with up to 47 percent off the new Fire 8s. The biggest discount goes to the kids tablets, putting them at $80 each. The Fire HD 8 Kids tablet is geared towards kids aged three to seven and has a more robust case and web browsing that includes a selection of safe sites. The Fire HD 8 Kids Pro is also $80, but this one is for kids aged six to twelve. It has a slimmer protective case and an open but filtered web browser. Both come with a year of Amazon Kids+, a service granting access to age-appropriate e-books, games, and audiobooks.

A handful of Amazon's other tablets are seeing up to 50 percent discounts, with half price deals on the 2021 Fire HD 10 tablet. The 10 series are the only full HD tablets Amazon offers, featuring screens with 1080p resolution, and the only model Amazon makes a keyboard for. If you're looking for a tablet to help with productivity, go for the the Fire 10 or even the Fire 10 Plus, which is 42 percent off and offers wireless charging and an extra gigabyte of RAM.

Shop Amazon's Black Friday Fire tablet sale

There's also a half-price deal on the 2022 Fire 7 Kids tablet. Like the Fire 8 Kids tablet, the Fire 7 Kids tablet is made for younger kids, aged three to seven, but with a one-inch smaller screen, which might be easier for little hands to use.

Amazon tablets are already among the most affordable slabs out there, and these markdowns could be enough to put them in stocking-stuffer territory. For less than $100 you can get a casual-use tablet to give as a gift or keep for yourself for laidback couch surfing.

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