Amazon's ancient tribe

Guest reporter: Tim Noonan
Date aired: 4 September, 2011

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In a world exclusive, after more than a year of planning, Sunday Night ventures deep into the Brazilian jungle to make contact with one of the lost tribes of the Amazon.

The Stone Age Suruwaha tribe live just as they have for thousands of years, including practicing human sacrifice. Just a handful of government officials and scientists have ever been granted access – until now.

Sunday Night reporter/cameraman Tim Noonan and adventure writer Paul Raffaele are the first foreigners to live amongst this ancient Indian warrior people. What the pair discover - after overcoming many dangers, is truly remarkable.

ATINI, is a Brazilian charity that provides sanctuary for Indian children, and their parents, who were condemned to death by their tribes but managed to escape. You can go to the website for further details.

These are the bank details if you would like to donate to help children such as Iganani to live in a sanctuary when they have fled the tribes.

Millennium relief and development services, MRDS
Westpac norwood
Bsb: 345-039
Acct: 172053